……………Holy Cross is a GOOD school (Ofsted 2015) …………… Our Christian Values: Trust – Togetherness – Tolerance – Forgiveness – Friendship – Fairness – Empathy – Hope – Love – Peace – Respect – Self Worth ….. “A golden thread running through the school” (Ofsted Dec 2015) ……………Holy Cross is a GOOD school (Ofsted 2015) ……………

  • "Children in the early years get off to a good start." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • Teachers plan practical opportunities that allow children to apply their newly acquired skills and learning.
  • "The Christian values which are threaded through the life of the school ensure that pupils work and play harmoniously." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • Holy Cross CE Primary is 'Good' in all areas - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "Pupils are courteous and polite towards each other and their teachers." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "Leaders have developed a broad and balanced curriculum which prepares pupils successfully for life in modern Britain." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "As a result of the actions taken by leaders current pupils are making good progress across school." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "Strongly influenced by twelve chosen Christian values, the life of Holy Cross is guided and enriched by Christian purpose and direction." - SIAMS May 2016
  • Our Prefects have key roles within the school's Leadership Council.
  • Sports, health and fitness have a high profile in school.
  • "Pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare are good and are strengths of the school." Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "All groups of pupils make good progress across school from their different starting points." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "The children are proud of their school and were keen to talk to inspectors about the subjects they enjoy studying, as well as the range of extra-curricular activities they can take part in." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "Children get off to a good start because staff ensure that the children quickly settle in and that their individual learning needs are swiftly addressed and support provided." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "The Leadership Council carefully considers the views of pupils across school when deciding how best to spend the money they are allocated." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "Parents value the support and advice they have been given to help their children with reading and writing." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • 'Good teaching and a well-planned curriculum capture pupils' interest, so they work hard and make good progress'- Ofsted Dec 2015
  • 'Christian values are a golden thread running through the school'- Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "Staff, including several new appointments, are a fully committed team." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "Pupils enjoy learning and have a thirst for knowledge." - Ofsted Dec 2016
  • "Pupils work and play well together." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "Senior leaders make good use of the physical education (PE) and sports funding." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "The well-thought-out curriculum provides pupils with interesting and exciting learning experiences." - Ofsted Dec 2015
  • "The setting is a hive of activity." - Ofsted Dec 2015

Welcome to our website. Holy Cross Church of England Primary School is an inclusive Voluntary Aided  School which is part of the Henshaw Trust and caters for children aged 4-11 years. School has the capacity for 480 pupils (which includes Nursery).

Our vision for Holy Cross C of E (VA) Primary School is based on a foundation of Christian values and these provide the basis of the spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and moral development of our children. We are determined to ensure that our children develop into responsible young people who can adapt in an ever-evolving World and have the necessary resilience, skills and attributes to achieve success.

It is important that, as children grow up, they learn to choose, develop and deepen their own positive values. Through reflection, our children should have opportunities to consider the implications of their choices in relation to themselves, the communities of which they are a part, and of society at large.

We also use Facebook to help keep you up to date with what’s happening in school. This is updated very regularly with photographs and samples of work that our children have worked hard to produce. Please take a few moments to explore our pages, browse our images and read a variety of work samples. It would mean a lot to our children if you did.

Thank you for your interest in our school.

Mr P Wardle